EMS Body Sculpt Machines

EMShape, EMSZERO, EMSculpt, EMSlim, VelaShape and Body Sculpting Machines For Your  Body Contouring & Esthetics Practice

Experience unparalleled hydrafacial and body sculpting technologies, echoing the prowess of iconic brands like EmSculpt, VelaShape, Sculpsure, and HydraFacial.

Enhance your esthetics or medspa offerings with our state of the art body shaping and premium-grade hydrafacial equipment. Achieve transformative outcomes akin to industry leaders, but free from the substantial cost associated with big-name corporations.Discover Your Most Radiant Skin

Experience the pinnacle of skin rejuvenation with our advanced non-invasive treatment, meticulously crafted to revitalize skin health, tailor to individual requirements, and impart an unparalleled radiance. Moving beyond conventional facials, our method employs a specialized device ensuring deeper absorption and sustained benefits.

Body Shaping Machines:

Fat Freezing and Cryolipolysis Machines:
These devices utilize controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. The science behind this method relies on the fact that fat cells are more susceptible to cold than surrounding tissue.

Radio Frequency (RF) Machines:
RF machines produce energy to heat up the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production. This results in tighter, smoother skin. It's often used for facial skin tightening but can also treat sagging skin on other parts of the body.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines:
Using sound waves, these machines create vapor bubbles inside fat cells, causing them to burst and be naturally metabolized by the body. It's a non-invasive method of liposuction.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU):
This is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that tightens and lifts the skin. The ultrasound energy heats targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen.

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS):
These machines use electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contraction. It mimics the natural way the body makes muscles move, and in a controlled environment, it can help tone and shape the body.

Infrared Sauna Blankets:
Using infrared rays, these blankets help increase the body's core temperature, leading to increased calorie burn and detoxification. They're also known for providing relaxation and relieving muscle aches.

Laser Lipo Machines:
A non-invasive treatment that uses laser energy to target and reduce fat cells. The procedure aims to reshape specific areas of the body, improving contours and proportions.

Vacuum Therapy Machines:
Commonly used for cellulite treatments and butt lifting, these machines use suction to increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce cellulite appearance and tone the body.

Endermology Machines:
Using a combination of rolling, suction, and rhythmic flapping, these machines stimulate the breakdown of stubborn deposits of fat and help in collagen production, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

LED Light Therapy Machines:
Although not exclusively for body contouring, LED light therapy can be used to speed up healing, reduce inflammation, and promote anti-aging effects on the skin.

When choosing a body machine, it's essential to ensure the equipment has the necessary approvals for safety and efficacy, such as those from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or equivalent bodies in other countries.

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