Refund Policy

Our return policy spans 30 days from the date of item receipt, during which you can request a return.


The item needs to be in its original packaging, undamaged, and in its original state for a return to be accepted. A receipt or other documentation of purchase is also necessary.


To initiate a return, visit our contact page and provide details about the issue so that we can commence the return/refund process. Feel free to reach out to us for any further inquiries regarding returns.


Damages and Issues


Upon receiving your order, please inspect it promptly. Should you discover any defects or damages, or if you receive the wrong item, contact us immediately. This allows us to assess the issue and rectify it accordingly.


In case of damaged products, kindly reach out to us promptly and provide a video for swift resolution.




The most efficient way to secure the desired item is to return the original purchase. Make a separate purchase for the new item after the return is approved.




We will notify you upon receiving and inspecting your return, informing you of the approval or denial of the refund. The refund will automatically be applied to your original payment method if it is approved. Remember that the credit card company or your bank might need some time to finish posting the refund.


Thank you.